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What we are all about?


Mr. M. M. Hassan, the founder President and Chief Executive Officer of the NEWAGE GROUP have taken an initiative to establish NEWAGE GROUP in 1995. Its main objective is to play a catalytic role in the development of Pakistan by encouraging domestic and international investors and technology, Trade and new products and services innovation. NEWAGE GROUP is strongly committed to PAKISTAN and believes that it offers some of the most attractive and exciting business opportunities available today.

NEWAGE GROUP consists of a number of professionals of integrity and repute in their respective fields who bring with them a track record of achievements.

NEWAGE GROUP is an Exclusive Representative of M/s. China Huadian Engineering Corporation (CHEC, P. R. China. CHEC is a leading Government owned Chinese Group engaged in Power projects. CHEC is actively involed in Hydel, Thermal, Coal Fired Power project. CHEC is particularly interested in Pakistan in any viable project in Power Sector.

NEWAGE GROUP is actively involved in the following fields:

1. Consultant in Oil and Gas / Energy sector
2. Consultants in Power generation Sector.
3. Project iniator for First Solar thermal Project in Pakistan.
4. International Marketing Management
5. Machinery / Equipment for CNG Stations,
PP Bags Manufacturing Machiney/Plant
6. International Trading / Indenting for
Raw Material / Products
7. Legal Transcription Services

About the Management

Mr. M. M. Hassan, Chief Executive Officer / President

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